Continuing to provide our Will writing service

As you are all aware, the global pandemic has caused disruption to many services. Donnelly & Elliott is committed to continuing to provide an excellent service to our clients, even in this time of uncertainty.

Changing or updating your Will

If you would like to change or amend your Will, we are more than happy to help. Our telephone lines remain open and our solicitors are contactable via their mobiles.

We can discuss changes to your Will over the phone and advise whether the amendments can be made via a codicil or if a new Will is required. We will then draft a new document that will be sent to you for review. Once you have approved, and are happy with the new document, we will issue you a final copy for signing.

Traditionally, Will signings are witnessed by your Solicitor and a colleague, however, following the social distancing guidelines issued by the government, we will send you instructions on how you can meet the witness requirements without the need to attend our offices.

Changes in legislation

The Law Society has suggested that a major overhaul of probate legislation is on the agenda, as the government urgently reviews the rules around witnessing Wills in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Currently, a Will needs to be signed by two witnesses who are not related to the testator or named in the Will.

The suggestion is that legislation could be introduced that mirrors the process of Will making for people in the armed forces. As it stands, members of the armed forces can make a written or oral Will, and, if written, there is no requirement for a witness. This is because they may not have the time or resources to comply with the usual witness requirements

Gosport’s local solicitor

Donnelly & Elliott are staying up to date with the announcements and will continue to act for our clients in the most effective way possible.

If you’d like to discuss your current Will or talk through any changes, please don’t hesitate to get in contact on 02392 505500 or email