Eviction ban to be extended by four weeks

The ban on tenant evictions that was set to end today has been extended by a further four weeks to September 20th. Understandably, this will be unwelcome news to many struggling landlords.

This ban has offered a level of protection for tenants over the past five months and ‘mortgage holidays’ were introduced to help support landlords. However, while in a lot of cases tenants and landlords have been able to work together during this time; there are still many landlords who have been left to foot the bill with a serious loss of earnings.

It should be noted that in addition to the ban, the government has confirmed tenants must be given six months’ notice for evictions unless the eviction relates to serious cases of anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse.

When the courts finally do open, there is also expected to be a huge backlog and increased waiting times. The most serious cases will be prioritised first – which will be the cases involving domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour and arrears of over a year.

Whether you’re considering flexible payment plans and temporary rent reductions for your tenants or you’re faced with anti-social behaviour and uncooperative tenants, it’s essential to seek legal advice to fully understand your position. While in some cases you may be severely limited in your options, your solicitor can help you explore all avenues and decide on the most appropriate plan of action.

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