Divorcing in 2021

The pandemic has shown us one thing, we can be more effective with our time. In family law, we are able to support our clients through a divorce completely remotely. We can discuss your matters confidentially over the phone or via video call.

Expert solicitor - Amanda Adamson

Amanda can advise you separation, divorce and childcare matters, and regularly provides advice on:

  • The separating process
  • Marriage visas
  • Complex estates
  • Access to step-children
  • Marriages that involve businesses
  • Ensuring your finances are protected

Amanda works collaboratively with the other party to ensure everyone involved walks away satisfied. If there is a complex asset, such as a business we can work with you to ensure that it is protected.

Divorces are complex processes, but with our expert team, we make sure that you’re kept informed with regular communication and the matter is completed swiftly and effectively.

New year, new start

Unfortunately, January is a busy month for people filing for divorce. In order for us to provide you with the support you need (whether that’s an answer to a specific legal question, advice for the future or filing for divorce) please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with this.

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