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Moving house can be one of life’s most stressful experiences.  If you are thinking of selling your home, you may be bracing yourself for a frustrating few months.  “If you plan ahead” says Stuart Forster, Conveyancing Executive at Donnelly & Elliott “then selling your home need not be so stressful”.  Stuart gives his tips for a harmonious and stress free house sale.

Speak to a solicitor first.

You will want someone with experience who can help deal with any difficulties and has a good sense of local knowledge. They can also spot any difficulties and tackle them from the outset.   Problems that are discovered midway through a house sale can lead to significant delays and in some cases, loss of the sale altogether.

Solicitors are here to help and guide you through the process and achieve your goals.  At Donnelly & Elliott we are happy to give quotes and initial advice without any obligation.

Get the right estate agent.

There are many options both online and on the high street. Ideally you will want to find an agent that has experience of selling property in your area.   You will want someone who acts in your best interests.   Look for an agent that is independent – they should be interested in selling your home, not a list of other services!

In our experience, a good independent local estate agent, who relies on their reputation in the area is most likely to take a real interest in your transaction and to help push things forward.  In any market, speed is essential. The longer a matter takes, the more likely one of the parties changes their mind and withdraws.

Get your paperwork ready.

Your buyer’s solicitor will want to see it and if you don’t provide it, they will ask for it. Providing it up front gives a good impression and shows that you are willing to proceed quickly. Many buyer’s solicitors will not look at the paperwork until all documents are received. Speaking to your solicitor from the outset can help in this respect. Examples of documents you will need are:

  • planning documents
  • Building Regulations
  • A HETAS certificate if you have a fuel burning appliance,
  • A Corgi Certificate/Gas Safe certificate for boiler installation
  • Service paperwork for appliances
  • FENSA certificates and guarantees for windows

N.B. These documents rarely state precisely what work was done (e.g. Building Regulations  may just say ‘alterations’) and this is likely to lead to a question from the buyer’s solicitor.  Be prepared and send your solicitor a brief explanation of what work was carried out or the number and location of any windows installed, for example. This will save the buyer’s solicitor having to write to your solicitor, them to you and then a further letter back to the other solicitor- time wasted.

Use email.

This sounds obvious, but documents can be ‘scanned’ by taking a photo on a mobile phone and attached to an email. Your solicitor can then forward this to another party quickly and simply.

Set out your expectations…

….as to your proposed timings from the outset of your transaction. Your solicitor should ask you initially and then keep you informed about the timings of your matter, proactively chasing on your behalf, identifying any possible difficulties in advance and suggesting solutions.

Choice of legal representation.

It is your right to choose your own legal representative. In our view a local solicitor who shows an interest in you and your goals and takes time to explain the process is best.  Someone who picks up the phone and returns calls promptly and who you can visit quickly to discuss your matter and sign paperwork when required.   Donnelly & Elliott have been conveniently located on Stoke Road Gosport for over 70 years and have plenty of parking, downstairs meeting rooms, disabled access ramp and friendly lawyers on hand to help.

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About the Author.

Stuart Forster is an Associate Legal Executive in the Residential Conveyancing Department at Donnelly & Elliott Limited, Solicitors in Gosport.  Stuart specializes property sales and purchases, transfers of equity, remortgages and assents.  He prides himself on being thorough and taking a pragmatic yet efficient approach.

As part of their commitment to excellence in this field, Donnelly and Elliott Solicitors are proud to be accredited members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme.