Theresa Holden


Name: Theresa Holden

Title: Solicitor


Theresa joined the family team at Donnelly & Elliott in January 2022 as a Solicitor. Theresa is an experienced and well-seasoned lawyer specialising in case management relating to matrimonial law, with a career spanning some 29 years.

Although, Theresa started out predominantly in criminal defence litigation, she also has experience in civil litigation and private client work.

Theresa began working in Law from grassroots initially as an outdoor clerk, then in case progression in criminal law, as well as being a Head Paralegal in a barristers’ chambers. Theresa finally settled on Family Law practise in February 2016, when the first divorce case she undertook was in respect of an individual who had been systematically mentally abused by her husband, and where there was strong element of financial coercion, and she needed someone on her side to bring about an equitable remedy, in a situation where she would have otherwise left her marriage with nothing; it was this case that started Theresa on the path to work within Family Law.

Over the course of her career, Theresa has represented many family clients’ ranging from divorce cases, Children Act finances, and matrimonial property.

Outside of work, Theresa enjoys sailing, tidal swimming and cooking.

No of years experience: 29

Areas of law: