Donnelly & Elliott have supported hundreds of couples through a pre-nuptial agreement, ensuring that both parties’ assets are protected. 

A pre-nuptial (commonly known as pre-nup) is a legal agreement that is designed to make things easier to sort out if the marriage breaks down. It can protect any pre-existing fortune, a spouse from a partner’s debt, provide for children of a previous marriage and ensure family property is kept within the family.

Benefits of a pre-nuptial agreement

Different people have different attitudes to money, and that can cause arguments even among close family and friends. Money is the leading cause of stress in relationships – and that stress can sometimes strain a relationship to breaking point.

Setting out each of your assets ensures that you both have a clear understanding of finances when entering the marriage. You will have already agreed on many financial issues that could cause future arguments and potentially lead to a divorce. 

Do I need a solicitor to write a pre-nup?

In order to comply with the law, a pre-nup needs to be drawn up and signed by a qualified solicitor. Both parties will also need separate legal representation and to confirm that they entered the pre-nup voluntarily. The pre-nup needs to be signed at least 21 days before the marriage.

Post-nuptial agreement

A post-nuptial agreement is exactly the same as a pre-nuptial agreement; however the process takes place after the marriage. 

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