Ready for No-Fault Divorce

With news from the Ministry of Justice that legislation which allows married couples to divorce without blaming each other is ready for Parliament, the ‘No Fault Divorce’ movement is celebrating a significant moment in its campaign.

‘This is a long sought after and much needed development in divorce law,’ says Lisa Ellis, Head of Family at Donnelly & Elliott, who supports the changes.

‘It has been a great source of frustration within the profession that we have needed to guide couples wanting straight-forward, amicable ends to their marriages without delay, down the route of blame. Citing adultery or unreasonable behaviour often leads to unnecessary acrimony and difficulties where there wasn’t before.’

But what about the arguments from critics who claim that this will make divorce easier? Lisa has little time for it.

‘In my professional life, I have yet to see an ‘easy’ divorce,’ says Lisa. ‘The vast majority of couples need support and guidance to resolve a wide range of complex and emotionally-charged matters, including issues related to finances and the care of children. Referring to it as ‘easy’ demonstrates a lack of empathy, compassion and experience of the process.’

‘Those still concerned should be aware that there is a six months ‘cooling off’ period which will allow parties to deal with these issues where possible, give them time to think about the process and come to terms with this life-changing decision. Through the introduction of mediation and the Collaborative Law process, we try hard to allow parties to find a resolution and continue to work together, particularly for the benefit of any children involved.’

In conclusion, Lisa is quite clear on her support for ‘No Fault Divorce’, ‘Any amendment that helps prevent conflict between couples, especially parents, would be a welcome change.’

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 About the Author

Lisa Ellis is a Solicitor and head of the Family Department at Donnelly & Elliott Limited, Solicitors in Gosport.  She has over ten years’ experience in dealing with family law matters.  Lisa is a member of Resolution which means that she always tries to work with clients to resolve matters in a constructive and cost effective way, reducing conflict where possible.   Where required, she is also able to take a robust approach on behalf of her clients should this be necessary.   Lisa and her team pride themselves in taking a pragmatic yet sensitive approach to dealing with her clients’ needs.