Separation and Divorce

Whether you are the applicant or the respondent within divorce or dissolution proceedings, our experienced divorce lawyers in Gosport can advise and support you through the process in a friendly and professional way.

No fault divorce

The introduction of the ‘no fault’ divorce on 6th April 2022 sees a shift away from any party needing to blame the other for the breakdown of the marriage, with contested divorces becoming a thing of the past preventing unnecessary court hearings and hopefully reducing costs and time.

Removing the blame helps parties to concentrate on what is really important upon separation, that being the children and finances of the marriage which are settled separately to the divorce. The new process should provide for a more amicable approach for all involved by reducing the potential conflict with blame for the breakdown of the relationship often having been a centrifuge of conflict in the past and hindering the financial settlement and arrangements for the children of the parties, thus delaying the ability to move forward with your life.

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Alternatives to court

You are unable to proceed with a divorce without trying to settle an agreement outside of court. There are a number of different routes that can help you reach an agreement. Donnelly & Elliott can help you decide which works for you, Mediation, Arbitration or the Collaborative Law process.

Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements

If you are not ready to divorce or have been married for less than one year, you can enter into a Separation Agreement in order to regulate your financial arrangements. A Separation Agreement is a contract and therefore it is important that both parties have obtained independent legal advice before entering into this type of agreement.

Our specialist family department can help you draft or review a separation agreement to ensure that it is suitable for you. Once a Separation Agreement is agreed, it does not end your marriage. You will still need to apply for a divorce and your financial agreement will need to be drafted into a Consent Order which is filed with the Court to be made legally binding.

Consent Orders

If you have reached a financial agreement with your spouse about how your assets are going to be divided, our family lawyers can draft a Consent Order for you. A Consent Order needs to be approved by a court before it is legally binding and can be filed with the Court once you have reached the Conditional Order stage of your divorce.

Consent Orders often include how you are going to divide assets such as: Money, Property, Savings and Investments. It can also include financial arrangements such as child maintenance payments.

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