Millions of people in the UK have not written a will, and a number of those who have a will won’t have updated it recently.

Many people don’t like to think about what happens after they die and it often takes a worrying situation to occur for people to take action. However, having a valid will in place helps protect your assets and support your loved ones after your passing.

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Do I need a solicitor to write a will?

A lot of people attempt to write their own wills and, for some people, this can work. If you have simple finances, you’re married and you plan to leave everything to your spouse then writing your own will may be possible. However, if your wishes and financial situation are even a tiny bit more complex then getting legal advice is highly recommended; just using the wrong wording can invalidate your will and prevent your wishes from being carried out.

So, what counts as ‘complex’? This can be if:

  • You’re unmarried but want to leave everything to your partner
  • You have step-children
  • You have an ex-spouse
  • You have grandchildren
  • You want to leave assets to a dependant who cannot care for themselves
  • You own property abroad or have foreign investments and/or bank accounts
  • You have people who are financially dependent on you outside your immediate family
  • You want to split your estate between multiple people
  • You want to reduce inheritance tax.

A lot of these scenarios might not sound complex at all, but without sound legal advice you may be leaving your loved ones in a difficult position when you pass, with your wishes not being fully carried out or leaving the contents of your will open to dispute/ contest. Families can be complicated and a carefully crafted will can make sure that your assets are left to the right people.

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