Trust, Wills & Probate

We offer a full range of Wills and Probate services from our ground floor offices in Stoke Road, Gosport.  

Our Private Client lawyers can assist you with the following services…

Simple Single Wills or Wills for Couples

A Will is the only legal document by which you can leave all property in your own name (“your estate”) to those you wish to benefit after your death.  If you wish to make a Will we can help you make a simple Will or a more complex Will depending on your needs.

Once you have made your Will you will want to know that it’s kept safely, Donnelly & Elliott has a fire-proof strong room for hard copies and we also keep electronic copies that are backed up daily and instantly accessible. Wills can be challenged after your death and therefore we keep records of the circumstances in which a Will was made, including evidencing our assessment of the soundness of mind of the person giving it. These records are retained indefinitely and will be made available after your death in the event of any challenge to your Will. 

If necessary, you can appoint this firm as Executors to ensure that your wishes are followed, your estate distributed and tax paid to a professional standard avoiding stress for relatives or bypassing complicated family relationships.

Complex Wills

If your needs are more complex, for example you are in a second relationship and have children from a previous relationship, do not have children or have unusual assets, we can make a Will which is suited to your situation and wishes. You may also wish to put in place Asset protection with a view to mitigate nursing home fees.

Business Owners

We can provide practical advice on how to protect your business the event of your death including business LPAs, leaving your business in your will and business property relief for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Will amendments/Making a Codicil

If you already have a Will and just wish to make a simple alteration, we can draw up a Codicil to attach to your Will to facilitate the change you wish to make.


If you have been appointed as an executor in a Will by a family member or friend, administering their estate after they passed away can be a complex matter.  Administering an estate is commonly referred to as ‘Probate’ and we are able to offer a full estate administration / probate service.


If your loved one has died without making a Will, their assets will pass in accordance with a set of rules known as the Intestacy Rules. These Rules determine the beneficiaries of the assets and the persons responsible for administering the estate. The Rules are complex, particularly if the deceased died leaving a husband/wife and children. Our lawyers are on hand to guide you through the process.

Deeds of Variation

If you wish to adjust the distribution of an estate, we can assist in the drawing up of a Deed which can vary the disposition of the estate.


We can advise on setting up trusts and their ongoing management. We can also provide advice on winding up trusts.

A solicitor on which you can rely

We have been successfully protecting client’s wishes as to how their assets should be distributed in the event of their death from our office in Gosport for over 70 years. Our Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (‘SRA’) which protects client’s assets in the event of the winding up of the company. You may not need to know this until it is too late!

Many cheaper unregulated providers come and go in the market. Our rates are competitive, our advice straightforward and in your language. Our track record is proven and clients and their families continue to rely on us through the generations because we take the time to understand their needs and provide simple solutions to complex matters.

If you are unable to attend our offices in Stoke Road, Gosport, we are able to come out and visit you whether at home, in a residential/nursing home or in hospital. Please contact us today to find out more on 02392 50 55 00.

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