What is divorce?

Are you considering divorce? Want to know what your options are regarding possessions, property and childcare?

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Keeping a clear head in an emotional & stressful time can seem like an impossible task.

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From access rights and custody of children, to property ownership and managing wealth, our role is to protect you and your family’s interests, especially when problems and potential issues are not immediately obvious.

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Everything you need to know about divorce, in one place. Download our free guide which covers all the main questions around divorce.

What is a divorce?

Divorce is the legal term for the process where two people end their marriage or marital union permanently. Sometimes they are problems in a marriage that can’t be fixed and a divorce is the only solution. While divorce is becoming more commonplace, it doesn’t make it any easier for the people involved. By getting a divorce you will become legally single again and can remarry should you want to.

Key steps of divorce

The process for divorce is outlined by these key steps:

  • Agreeing on the reason for your divorce
  • Submitting your application for divorce
  • Agree arrangements for any assets/possessions
  • Decree nisi granted
  • Agree financial arrangements
  • Decree absolute granted.

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Whether you are the applicant or the respondent within divorce or dissolution proceedings, our experienced divorce lawyers in Gosport can advise and support you through the process in a friendly and professional way.

Alternatives to court

You are unable to proceed with a divorce without trying to settle an agreement outside of court. There are a number of different routes that can help you reach an agreement. Donnelly & Elliott can help you decide which works for you: mediation, arbitration or the collaborative law process.

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