Why get a divorce

Getting a divorce will result in complete separation between you and your partner. If you separate and do not get a divorce, it could have a negative impact on your finances and restrict your options in future relationships.

Financial implications

When you are married you are legally bound to one another. When you separate, this financial tie does not go away, unless you get a divorce.

A divorce isn’t going to remove you from past debts, but it is going to make your spouse and yourself responsible for your own future debts. If you separate without a divorce and your ex-partner starts to struggle financially, you could be liable for their debts, as you are still legally married.

Free legal guide on divorce

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Remarriage & future relationships

In the UK, you cannot remarry until you get a divorce.

If you have divorced, but have not come to a financial settlement before you enter into another relationship, it could impact your future spouse. Your new spouse could be requested to submit financial documentation to ensure that the financial settlement is fair.

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Where to get a divorce

The divorce process can be done from anywhere, although you may need access to the internet and reference some personal information.

It is recommended that you seek some form of legal advice before proceeding with a divorce. Donnelly & Eliott offers free and impartial legal advice via the telephone for those just starting or considering  the divorce process. We can advise what’s best for your individual circumstances and either support you throughout the process, or point you in the right direction. It is worth bearing in mind that no two divorces are ever exactly the same and that there are likely to be unique circumstances which may well require expert legal advice or assistance.

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